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Are you looking for Ad Blue Top-UP for your vehicle?

If you have been searching the internet for ‘AdBlue top up near me’, please consider concluding the search here.

Your vehicle needs to comply with the rules and regulations in place concerning its impact on the environment. That is why most modern diesel vehicles have a Selective Catalytic Reduction or SCR technology. This top-of-the-line equipment reduces the toxic components in vehicle emissions.

Diesel cars have a distinguished reservoir to store AdBlue. This exhaust fluid can react with the SCR catalysts to reduce the effects of the hazardous gas elements in the emission.

So, if this fluid is running low in your car, it can prove detrimental to your health. Moreover, this can result in an MOT failure.

Therefore, if you receive notifications about this fluid running low, contact our experts at MotorTeck Ltd Garage at your convenience. These notifications include a text warning on the dashboard and an amber alert from the Engine Management Light.

Importance of AdBlue

Made of de-ionised water and urea, the non-toxic mixture of AdBlue is essential for optimal vehicle performance. Note that this fluid is injected into the exhaust flow.

AdBlue's importance lies in its ability to reduce the adverse effects of nitrous oxide in exhaust fumes via a chemical reaction. Note that this fluid is capable of converting into ammonia and carbon dioxide. On the other hand, the SCR system of your car commonly uses vanadium-based catalysts. As a result, the ammonia can react with the SCR catalyst. Consequently, nitrous oxide – whose global warming potential value is 300 times higher than CO2 -gets converted into no-toxic elements like water and nitrogen.

Why choose us?

A vehicle running low on this fluid needs professional attendance, or the engine will not be able to function correctly. Due to the lack of AdBlue, the car engine will try to reduce emissions by limiting its operations. You cannot restart your car with an empty AdBlue reservoir.

So, at our workshop, we use advanced machinery to detect the precise level of AdBlue fluid in your vehicle. Then, based on our findings, we offer AdBlue top-up Kent per manufacturer’s specifications using the designated filler cap.

Do you still have questions? Then, please call us on MotorTeck Ltd. We are happy to be at your service.