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Are you looking for Dpf Cleaning for your vehicle?

At MotorTeck, we provide professional services of DPF cleaning Dartford. Our mechanics provide the best-in-class DPF cleaning services at the most reasonable prices.

Importance Of DPF Cleaning

DPF, or Diesel Particulate Filter, is one of the vital components of a diesel car engine. It is responsible for capturing toxic components such as soot, nitrogen oxides, sulphur, fly ash and carbon residue. These substances are formed as a result of the combustion process. This filter helps to ensure that the emission of toxic gases complies with legal standards.

However, the DPF can capture and filter these gases only to a certain limit. After that, the DPF gets clogged and needs to be cleaned to ensure proper functioning. If you are planning to purchase a pre-owned car, you should opt for DPF cleaning for a smooth driving experience.

Factors That Lead To DPF Blockage

Following are the reasons due to which the DPF might get clogged:

  • Using improper fuel blend
  • Neglected vehicle maintenance
  • Inadequate fuel combustion
  • Worn out engine parts, and many more.

What Are The Signs Of DPF Blockage?

A clogged DPF will exhibit the following signs:

  • Compromised engine performance
  • DPF warning light turns on the vehicle’s dashboard
  • High fuel consumption
  • Dense purple or black smoke from the exhaust tailpipe, and many more.

If you notice any of the above signs make sure to get in touch with us for professional DPF cleaning services.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for DPF cleaning Dartford, you can put an end to your search and visit our garage.

At our garage, you will use the following procedures for DPF cleaning services:

Manual Regeneration: We conduct manual regeneration of DPF to clean the accumulation of residue. Our technicians conduct a proper inspection and do the needful.

Active Regeneration: In this process, our mechanics put raw fuel into Diesel Oxidation Catalyst. Through this process, all the residues inside will burn as the temperature rises significantly.

Passive Regeneration: In passive regeneration, we run the vehicle at a speed of 40mph for around 20 minutes. This increases the temperature in the engine to about 600°C, burning all the stuck residues.

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