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Are you looking for Full Vehicle Check for your vehicle?

A full vehicle check is an essential part of regular car maintenance. This service package not only ensures a higher resale value but also maximises the car's on-road safety.

We, MotorTeck Garage Services offer full vehicle check Dartford at an affordable rate and for almost every car make and model. Moreover, we conduct the service with the help of cutting-edge tools and equipment and check a number of internal and external parts of your vehicle.

Hence, look no further for “full car servicing near me” and get in touch. Our experts will only begin with the service after referring to your car’s manual. This helps them ensure the most accurate results for a particular model.

What Checks Are Covered Under A Full Vehicle Check Dartford?

During the service, we will check the following components of your car:

Steering And Suspension Columns

Our mechanics will carefully check all the components of the suspension system and steering column. Then, if needed, we will replace worn-out or malfunctioning parts with OE-grade spares after talking to you and giving you an estimate of the costs. This check comprises a thorough assessment of the steering rack gaiters, springs, wheel bearings, shock absorbers, bushings, etc.

Exhaust System

Any fault in the exhaust system will hamper your car’s performance and make you susceptible to penalties. Any exhaust and emission faults also mean an immediate MOT failure.

Engine System

Our experts will also check the alternator belt, radiator, spark plugs and all the other components of a car engine. We will decide the necessary course of action in case any issues are found. Further, we will also assess the engine oil and change it with high-grade oil.

Some of the other components that we cover under a full vehicle check Dartford are as follows:

  • Brakes
  • Battery
  • Gearbox
  • Clutch check
  • Oil fileter change
  • Air filter change
  • Pollen filter change
  • Wheel- and tyre inspection, and many more.

In total 77 points are checked during a full service.

Wait no further and schedule an appointment with us. We can carry out all necessary work within a minimum timeframe.

We have a number of service vans that are equipped with the tools and machinery required to carry out most services at any place.

For more details, if would like to book an additional service or need buying advice, please call us on 01322 537985.

We are here for you - always happy to help.