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An annual MOT is mandatory for most vehicles in the UK over three years old to remain road-legal. It is a mandatory test that checks the roadworthiness as well as the environment-friendliness of a vehicle.

If you are looking for an authorised garage that conduct Class 4 MOT Dartford, connect with us - MotorTeck. We are a DVSA-certified garage that provides comprehensive MOT test Dartford at affordable rates. Our experts follow all the legal guidelines while performing this test. Moreover, they use the latest machinery for inspection. which enhances their precision and accuracy.

About Class 4 MOT

MotorTeck assess a Class 4 vehicle’s roadworthiness following the standard guidelines. These are the vehicles that belong to Class 4:

  • 8 passenger seat cars
  • Motor caravan
  • Goods and services vehicles up to 3000 Kg unladen weight
  • 3-wheeled vehicles up to 450 Kg unladen weight
  • 12-seat private vehicles, etc.

Checks Covered Under Our MOT Dartford

At our facility, we will first check the MOT history of your vehicle and then inspect all crucial components of your car by adhering to the government-approved rules:

Shock Absorbers

These are essential to maintain superior driving comfort and on-road safety. Worn-out or damaged shock absorbers can not only cause an uncomfortable driving experience but can also lead to dangerous situations when driving as well as damage to other vehicle parts. During the MOT test, our in-house experts will thoroughly check your car’s shock absorbers and other suspension components.


Our MOT testers will check if the tyre tread depth is at least 1.6 mm and if the tyre is free from any cuts, bulges or other issues.

Braking System

An optimally functioning braking system is necessary to ensure superior car control and on-road safety. Our experts will check the braking system thoroughly to ensure there are no damaged or worn-out brake pads, discs, rotors, etc.

Apart from these above mentioned components, our in-house technicians also run a detailed inspection of the following:

  • Windscreen
  • General body structures
  • Seatbelts
  • Exhaust and Emissions
  • Wipers
  • Number plates
  • Wheels
  • Internal and External Lights
  • And many other vehicle components

You can find a complete list of components checked on the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency website.

Based on the vehicle performance in the MOT Dartford, we will issue the following certificates:

VT30 Certificate

If your car fails the test, we will issue this certificate with a list of all the faults associated with the car. It will list any major and dangerous issues found in your vehicle. You will no longer be allowed to drive the car as long as the listed faults are not repaired*. After the repairs, a partial re-test must be carried out in order to receive an MOT pass certificate.

VT20 Certificate

If your car has passed the MOT test, we will issue this certificate. It will validate the roadworthiness of your vehicle for 1 year. A vehicle can pass with minor faults. A so-called advisory note will be attached and the faults will be recorded in the system.

*Did you know driving without a valid MOT certificate is illegal (except for driving to an MOT test centre with an appointment)? Thus, check your vehicle MOT history today and if the next MOT date is due soon, get in touch with us.

We also offer Pre-MOT checks.

Put an end to your “class 4 MOT Dartford searches” and book your appointment with us.